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ADE. says:
Hi great team, Thanks
Thanks for your great new product. I’m just starting to establish
accounts, and after ARB. It seems very good. # 137
David T says:
Dear Steve, Mike and the team

You’re all too busy to read a long letter of gratitude, so I just let you know how grateful I know what will happen to you all.

Congratulations on a wonderful product that I would soon know, I hope.

Your hard work in software development combined with your very generous attitude is something very special, keep it up!

Sincere thanks and warm wishes.

David T. # 136
Harley says:
Profit: 4.77%
Sports: Soccer Match: vs. Sassuolo Albinoleffe
Just made $ 47 profit on a bet! keep rocking!
Good job! # 135
Henry says:
What makes you different from other services?
100Winners is a proven service that works. I would not waste my time telling the standard of advertising that we are the best, fastest, etc. and so on. Just let the numbers speak for themselves.

A) It works. We not only provide ARBs, we stake ourselves. Other services had a bet myself. See our betatesters results live on this page.
B) Our price plan is much better. For price comparisons – other services such as ARB arbitragepro cost of 154 pounds per month or 415 pounds for 3 months. That is about $ 300 a month. We take only 19.99 for the base version of the / 57 to update the Arb Finder! # 134
Anton says:
Excellent! Interesting stuff. I posted a 3.8% against EPIRB on Stenhausmer Dumbarton!
11% on Padova vs Empoli and 6,4% in Sassuolo Albinoleffe vs. … Total profit today: 21%:) interesting stuff. I use both basic and upgrade together
Good job Tony # 133
Pedro says:
After a while ARBs do we’re going to be limited to the bookmakers.

How 100PercentWinners deal with it?
You will not be limited, if you follow the simple tips we have provided in the FAQ and travel. # 132
Declan says:

Can it be used 05.09 pm during the day, and there is even the number of ARBs in the evening between 6.11 pm is GMT. I mean in terms of use laptap bringing it to work, to make 2 or 3 of ARBs during the day and place 5 or 6 in the evening.
Arba here 24 / 7 – You should not wait for them for some time. Just turn on your computer when you feel like making money with BRA! # 131
Rick says:
There’s Commission calculation takes into account prior to placing an investment?
Most bookmakers Dont charge a commission. Betfair charges of 5% (or less if you play a lot), and software 100Percent winners can install it into account!
ARB generator also allows the Commission. # 130
Bob says:
The monthly fee seems very reasonable. Whether it is for a minimum contract period of time or is it just a month to month with the opportunity to leave at any time?
There is no contract period – you pay if you use it. Simple as that. Then cancel at any time. No tricks. With Clickbank no one can screw you with the payments. # 129
Lars says:
Software support all currencies when the profits calculated?
Is it possible to download new applications if you change computers?
We invite you to open accounts in U.S. dollars for convenience of calculation and exchange .. Yes, you can change the computers. # 128
Alexander says:
great !!!!!!!!
Welcome! Glad you like it # 127
Sunny says:
I’m just wondering if 100% win, then who is losing? Who paid or invest? Money come from? Sound is not the logic?
Money comes from the losers. From the people who Gamble, from people who do not have systems and practices of silly speculation.
We do not care who wins the game. We bet on both outcomes. That is why it is risk-free investment. # 126
Sunny says:
I’m just wondering if 100% win, then who is losing? Who paid or invest? Money come from? Sound is not the logic?
Money comes from the losers. From the people who Gamble, from people who do not have systems and practices of silly speculation.
We do not care who wins the game. We bet on both outcomes. That is why it is risk-free investment. # 125
Zaakir Hussain says:
Hi Steve, you’re a genius and I think it will wokout well. The logic is great and I hope it will make us 100% winner.
Thank you very much Zaakir! Appreciated! # 124
David says:
makes the software provides an adequate selection of bookmakers, if in the U.S. There are many Online Betting that it will not take us home?
Please see the answers in the comments. Yes, we have more than 50 + bookmakers in support of # 123
Mark says:
What are your bookmaker?
Please check h # 122
Eddie says:
Im from the U.S. and would like to know if I use software I in violation of U.S. law? You have to answer in 2006, there are some laws that restrict this. Please help, I would like to know before you spend your money. As well as U.S. citizens, if I am limited in the number of companies that allow me to use them, what benefit or percentage of trades will
I achieve this? What would the benefits to us citizens?
Thank you
Many bookmakers have the support of U.S. customers. You can explore the laws – The only thing that is illegal, opening your own bookmaker in the United States. However, if you’re just an ordinary player – the betting is not a problem. # 121
Marcus says:
Hello, I’m talking about Brazil.
I wonder if this software works for clients of Brazil?
Are there any restrictions for entry to the sites bets
customers in Brazil? Thank you.
Yes, it works. I have not heard any restrictions for your country, but please always check yourself, and # 120
Big George says:
What happens if you enter one leg of the rate coefficients and change before entering the second leg. You can lose in this scenario?
No, you do not lose that way. You will be recalculated using the Arb Finder ARB or ARB generator. Visit our FAQ on the advice of members. # 119
Aj John says:
One question: where did I put my bets, anywhere in the world where there is a Betting System? What about the Far East
We provide a detailed list of supported bookmakers. Please check the comments or contact support. # 118
Harish Chand says:
I live in Canada. Will it work? How to replenish the account and how do I get paid or withraw funds
Of course, you can join in from Canada. Another issue is described in detail in the FAQ and travel. # 117
Roni Korsani says:
Unfortunately I do not have credit card / ATM etc.
Please contact support. # 116
Derek says:
I can not find anything for sale pages linked to the Arb Finder or the value of the property.
Can you please tell how to value.
Arb Finder is a suite upgrade for people who need a much bigger BRA! You will find information about it in terms of # 115
Gino Latino says:
I live in Europe. this system is viable for European brokers?
I live in Austria, too. Of course, it works for us Europeans. Plus there are a lot of U.S. support for bookies # 114
Ralph says:
Indians can join this? I do not know what to arbitration, even I do not know how to bet and what numbers and nothing else, and I’m from India are betting is illegal, if I can buy that it would be legal or not?
Yes, you can join in too, no problem # 113
EarlT says:
Maybe the chances of changes in the time taken between placing first and second rate?If lots of people using the software all jump on the same rates will be chances to change quickly?

Is there a best time of day to check rates?
This has already been answered before. Please check your comments. There is no optimal time to check the ARB. They are here all the time. Especially in the Arb Finder!# 112
Eric says:
Looks like a great plan, but your software, but my bets and place them with all the different manufacturers a book, or should I have an account with 100 out of Books to place bets. If so, and need $ 50k just to set up accounts? Furthermore, how does it work for U.S. customers?

Thanks, Eric
Eric, you do not need ACC from 1000 bookmakers. You can start with 2-4! Yes, it works for U.S. customers. Please contact support if you need detailed answers! We’re here to help # 111
Gil says:
I’ve never done this. The first time hearing about it … How do I benefit if I buy this thing?
Making money is a good risk-free benefits, is not it? Not sure I can add to the All in detail we have on this page for you:) All the evidence is here! # 110
Pascal says:
What if you have one winner at Bookmaker 1 and others as a winner at Bookmaker 2!But what happens if they play 0:0? then you lose both bookmakers?
Number of this type of EPIRB you mentioned, perhaps for tennis only where there is no draw. On the football we have different kinds of ARBs. For example 1-x2. This means, first bookmaker you place on winning team 1 and the second you place on winning team of 2 or draw. so that all the results are covered and there is no risk! # 109
Nick says:
Do bookies charge a fee for withdrawing money from my account? If they do that will reduce profits for many small investors.
Usually they do not. Check with the current bookies you use # 108
Yohanan said:
You can show a live account (full report) over the past 3 months?

So I can see real results.
They are on the page, scroll up. Or simply go to # 107
Mike Hammer says:
Can I buy it from a different computer than the one I use?
Yes, that Mike # 106
Zay says:

What happens if in the middle of placing a bet. ARB change?
Please read the FAQ and tips page, and travel. that is in the details. # 105
Dee says:
I’ve always been interested in arbitration, and I even ordered some online programs before. I really like the sound of your software, but what differentiates you from others.Any program that I signed up earlier, evertime I went to a place of Burts odds have been changed so I could never get my rates, even if I went to place bets minute ARB elections come from?
I would not say normal blah blah, what we do best. Just check out our betatesting result.Let the numbers speak for themselves. It works. Period. It is true that sometimes the odds change, but it does not really matter. You can count them on the fly with the Arb Finder or ARB generator! # 104
Lawrence says:
How many accounts of the bookmaker I need to have a fund ready to make a bet?
You can start with 2-4 times! # 103
George says:
Hi Steve,
People who live in France, we can not open an account with Betfair or betus … You have a solution about this?

Yes, we have over 50 + bookmakers in support. Check out our sportsbooks page # 102
Naresh says:
Naturally, this will depend on how much bookmarkers opening an account with the right?
No, you can only start with 2-4 bookmakers and add more later! # 101
Henry says:
Yuhuuuu I first? Can `T wait to make money! # 100
Arber, Jack says:
With the sure bets, you should always win! It’s easy to find them. It is remarkable that, finally, there is software to do this. just joined too. # 99
Leo man says:
Should we round bids?
When calculating how much to bet on each bet, ARB calculators typically return data, such as $ 24.53 and $ 35.47 or $ 11.78. It is entirely up to you whether you want to put these exact figures. This will give you precisely equal return. However, some people would want around their bets on “normal” numbers, such as $ 25 and $ 36 or $ 12. It has been suggested that uneven rates of bookmakers may warn that you EPIRB trader, while the rounded rates look more “natural.”

However, he also suggested that bookmakers to revise their game stories on the profit / loss basis, and carefully, what events you are betting on whether rates than integers. # 98
armany says:
How can we get the ARB.
In recent weeks, was 1839 ARB ARB and the average profit was 2.7%. Top ARBs were:

Sam Querrey against Viktor Troicki / Tennis / 27-Mar-11 11:45 pm 22.14%
Marcel Granollers vs. Michael Llodra / Tennis / 27-Mar-11 9:19 pm 64.85%
P Pavlyuchenkova vs. Kvitova / Tennis / 27-Mar-11 9:14 pm 23.12%
Bogomolov, VS J Isner / Tennis / 27-Mar-11 6:59 pm 19.27%
Mardy Fish vs. Richard Gasquet / Tennis / 27-Mar-11 3:57 pm 23.45%
Alex Bogomolov Jr. vs. John Isner / Tennis / 27-Mar-11 7:03 am 38.91%
Petkovic S. I Benesova / Tennis / 26-Mar-11 10:39 PM 28.89%
M Baghdatis vs. O Rochus / Tennis / 26-Mar-11 7:29 pm 47.90% # 97
Andrew P. says:
Just joined too. looks good so far! # 96
Harry says:
I like the concept arbing. just joined too. Members of looks well done. good job guys.tons of information! Ps I’m from Germany! See you soon! # 95
Alex says:
Do you offer a guarantee? # 94
Andrew says:
Could this software be used for Sports Arbitration USA Sports Betting and U.S. sports bookies (bookmakers U.S. sports)?
Here’s the full list of bookmakers SBR world (400 + bookmakers). As you can see only some of them do not accept U.S. customers (they have crossed the American flag on the sign). Other bookmakers accept U.S. customers:

List of Supported 100PercentWinners bookmakers here: # 93
Mario says:
I’ve been following arbing for 3 months and find it beneficial. I place BRA 02.03 per day, DEFO join you too. # 92
JESS says:
Please reserve a copy! I’ll have the money to embark on the Environment Day! Like the idea! # 91
Henry says:
What is the price? I’m in!
Price $ 149 installation fee and the former for only $ 19.99 for monthly service for as long as you use it.

For price comparisons – other services such as ARB arbitragepro cost of 154 pounds per month or 415 pounds for 3 months. That is about $ 300 a month. # 90
dan2002 said:
Damn, this is crazy guys a great idea! but where is the list of supported bookies? to take any U.S. clients?
Please check the list Almost half of them accept U.S. customers without any problem # 89
fierra says:
So what I saw, for example, so when you make investments in both teams you get to keep all their money plus a profit or you lose one and keep only one income
Please see how arbitration works here: # 88
Mark says:
I mean Arber and testing 100winners and betatester. So far so good. # 87
Kuhn 1976 says:
Really interested in ur Arbitration software, backups, please! # 86
d.. says:
Hey, I’m very interested in this new launch and can not wait to see the action live. # 85
Jason says:
Wow, great idea and a fair price. Thanks, guys! I used arbitragepro before, and they’re good, but damn expensive (145 pounds per month!), And you offer much more and cheaper! Thank you for your choice! cool stuff # 84
Dave says:
Can we use this software and supply any sport in the world?
Not “ANY” sport, but football, tennis, hockey, basketball and a few others that are profitable and make Arbitrage bets. # 83
David says:
If many people use the same method and rates for the same thing at the same time, again and again, does not it mean that the market will be milled
and we can not not be able to take advantage of this?
Yes, it can happen, so we limit the number of copies. However, there are hundreds of new ARBs appear every day, so there are many opportunities for everyone to make money here. The market is very big. So do not worry about it. # 82
Hearn says:
I noticed some of the team names have typos or misspelled. Why?
We have over 17,000 teams in the calculations, and about 600 new commands are added grabbed and added to the database daily script. Most bookmakers spell the names of teams in different ways, sometimes even in different languages ??for the international team. That is why it is humanly impossible to check all the commands that quickly and, consequently, the team’s name may contain a misspelling or typographical errors.

This is not a problem because, apart from the team name you have lots of other useful information, such as another team name, date, time, the championship / league etc., bookmakers odds – that will help you find the right event. # 81
S. Fundor says:
I love the idea of ??a guaranteed profit betting on all possible outcomes! Will give it a try.Please reserve a copy! # 80
muhmed Ali says:
Do you have a free trial? I have no money
No, we do not offer free trial versions of our service arbitration.
We believe that doing so would unfairly disadvantage our paying members.

However, we have a full money back guarantee, so there is no risk to try it for 60 days.